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Dragonball episode 058~The Land Of Korin

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At the start we see General Blue on a camel in the middle of the dessert. Meanwhile Commander Red is playing pool. Then we see Captain Yellow’s army looking at the four star dragonball, Goku’s grandpa’s dragonball. Then there is a guy and he’s son fishing catching a fish, which is eaten by a whale. Later on Captain Yellow’s army has a helicopter to get the dragonball, which the volcano erupts, which puts the dragonball five miles west. Now Captain Yellow’s army is searching for the dragonball.

They find the dragonball in the fisherman’s hands. Captain Yellow tells his army to kill the fisherman. Goku appears talking about the dragonball. The fisherman kills almost everybody, but Captain Yellow didn’t get killed. Captain Yellow comes back by Commander Red words and steals the boy. Goku hears the fisherman’s son yelling, and Goku punches Captain Yellow out of the plane and receiving the boy. Goku then finds his grandpa’s ball. Meanwhile General Blue punches out Commander Red’s guards to get in. You then see Mercenary Tao talking to General Blue.

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