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Dragonball episode 055~Penguin Village

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The episode catches with Goku, Krillin and Bulma, a break within the Kame of house assumes. They had back received straight from their adventure at the Piraten cave. Goku said that he was still determined, in order to find its four Sternedragonball, but Bulma said that it didn' t would like to go on more adventures. Thus she asked whether her VorlagenRoshi' out-borrow could; s plane, but stated soon that was impossible, because product introduction had flown already away to the surface, after it stole the treasure of them. A pair sets later, general blue entered the Kame house and bound above Goku, Bulma, Krillin and VorlagenRoshi in any kind of the strange blue rope up, which did not form to move it capable.

General blue found soon that dragonballs Goku and the other one took all it collected and had. Quite, before he left, he planted detanator near them, which would explode in 5 minutes. Fortunately product introduction arrived, when there was only one approximately minute, or two left. First it thought that it was a joke, but Goku it that it wasn' explained; t a joke and a that, which it had, so that it solves it fast, and was there no time to explain. After it had solved Goku, it threw detanator out the window (left with only like 2 or 3 seconds, before it was to burn through), to Goku then out preceding on its flying nimbus, in order to bring back dragonballs, which had stolen general blue. He finally finds general blue and follows him, and after a while following he, he terminates above in this mysterious city.

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