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Dragonball episode 044~Master Thief, Hasky

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Goku is in the city at CC (Capsule Corp.) looking for Bulma, while a Master Thief named Hasky is hired to steal Goku's two dragonballs. Goku and Bulma get together and Goku finds out about Yahmcha and Bulma's tiff because Yahmcha is "quite the catch" for all the young girls in the city! Bulma shows Goku a tour of the city on Nimbus. Bulma shrinks herself with her new invention and rides in Goku's shirt because she isn't of pure heart. That,
and her big mouth won't fit on the cloud! Did I just WRITE out loud?

Anyways, they meet up with Yahmcha, Puar and Oolong before heading for the newly built amazement park. Puar and Oolong talk about how bad Bulma is for Yahmcha when Bulma pops out of Goku's shirt and (as usual) yells at Yahmcha for talking behind her back. They all head toward the park when Goku senses someone but ignores it and heads on. He sensed Hasky watching him!

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