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Dragonball episode 049~Roshi Surprise

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Roshi tries still to attract the lunch into the bathroom. He arranges to sneeze it inadvertently and makes her the sadistische product introduction. After some arguments it is forced to give her a Massage and to form dinners for it. Finally turtle uses a palm to form over their sneezing again and peels over. Soon the railway Air Force arrives in the Kame house and requires that Roshi presents the Dragonballs and the device. Roshi is, because he didn' surprised; t know that Bulma had left its Dragonballs here. After the production of a fool of the fat general, he uses any Kame technology, in order to get rid of the army. It is nearly through, if the last man seizes the lunch as a hostage. Roshi supports and it seems, no alternatives give.

Suddenly used turtle arranges the palm again and the lunch to convert into the product introduction now away pissed as at all. Word returns the railway head offices that the complete 2nd blue crew was gotten rid of by a child and general red made furious. General blue is however endeavored to hunt Goku and the group by the cave. Goku finds a head on the course and frightens Bulma and Krillin. They ask Goku, where he found it, and he points past to a skeleton, which is plated in the Piratenkleidung. This is, if Bulma and Krillin realise that they inherited the Piratenhöhle that Roshi had been deviating to approximately earlier. They jump for joy (Bulma again only, thinking for) and continue into the cave, general blue conclusion behind them.

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