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Dragonball episode 041~The Fall of Muscle Tower

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Goku and #8 make their way to the 6th floor of muscle tower. General White and Goku battle as #8 can only look on. As General White stumbles to the ground, he notices a gun. He pretends to surrender to Goku. He then opens the door to where the village chief was locked in. As soon as he is free, General White pulls out the gun.

He holds General White at gunpoint. He asks #8 to make a decision on who to shoot. #8 doesn't want to decide. Goku then says "Let him go. I am not afraid of you." General White releases the Village Chief and shoots Goku. #8 is mad and punches General White out of the tower. Goku recovers. As Goku, #8, and the village chief exit the tower, #8 decides to punch through the lower part of the tower. The tower begins to tip over and then it collapses. They make it to the village where they are greeted by Snow and her parents.

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