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Dragonball episode 034~Cruel General Red

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This episode starts with Son Goku messin' around with a lot of monkeys. But after awhile Goku leaves to continue searching for the *****DB. However a storm starts and both Goku and Colenel Silver's(the guy with the brown hair and red scarf) Goons stop searching.

Inside Silver's cabin, he and Advisor Black are talking through transmitors. Silver says that with the river over-flowing, the DB could wash up on shore, and that he'll continue in the morning. In the morning the search resumes, however two guys are snoozing and rudely awakened by Silvers gun.

They talk about how pointless the search is when Goku comes and finds the DB in less then a minute. They try to steal it only to be easily beaten by Goku. the radio Silver and he comes and blows up the Kintou'n with his bazooka. Goku gets mad and beats him up when he's down, Goku then takes some capsules and finds a robot dude and a plane. Goku has the Robot pilot the plane to the arctic.

Meanwhile at the RR HQ Commandor Red ( the guy with the eye patch and an Irish accent) recives news of Silvers loss. He has Silver brought before him. Silver asks for a second chance, but Red says there is no second chance in the army. Then Black says that Goku is moving into General White's (the guy with gray hair and a German accent) territory , and radios White worn him.

Meanwhile the robot crashes and Goku freezes. Then a mysterious girl drags him home, only a few minutes before White's men arrive.

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