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Dragonball episode 037~Ninja Murasaki is Coming

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The episode starts off by showing General White describe Ninja Murasaki, and showing a clip of Murasaki fight. Man this guy is fast!

Finally, Goku makes it to the 4th floor. It's very dark and a bunch of knives and stuff keep coming at Goku. After about 50 knives have come at Goku, the lights come on, and Murasaki appears behind Goku, and slashes at him with his sword. Goku though sees it and dodges the blow.

After this Goku and Murasaki do a bunch of stuff. Like Hide and Seek, and they have a race. Goku of Course wins both games.

Finally Genreal White gets sick of it all, and orders Murasaki to get on with killing Goku. So Murasaki draws his sword and jumps in the air at Goku. Goku dodges and leaves his power pull there and it gets stuck in Murasaki's butt. After a lot of screaming by Murasaki (and laughing by Goku) Goku pulls it out and they have a sword and powerpull fight. After a bit Goku slashes at Murasaki's sword, and cuts it in half!

Murasaki tells Goku he is unarmed, and asks to have a hand to hand fight. Goku accepts, when Murasaki pulls out some metal boomerang and throws it at Goku. Goku dodges then gets mad at Murasaki for lying. When the boomerang comes back and hits Goku in the back! Goku falls to the ground, and doesn't move. While General White, and Murasaki are pretty sure Goku is finally dead.

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