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Dragonball episode 038~Five Murasakis

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Goku manages to get back up. Ninja Murasaki tried other attempts but failed. He walks over a lake full of piranha to get away. Goku jumps over it. Then Murasaki lifted one finger and started to glow. He was making all of Muscle Tower Shake. Snow heard it from her house and was getting worried. Her father comes and is amazed that a boy (Goku) would go in. He then told a story of a monster in there. High in Muscle Tower, an old man is behind bars.

He almost beat a member of the army (but lost) hearing about Goku. While he was thinking of a way to get out, he drank hot cocoa. Back at the fight, Ninja Murasaki made four copies of himself (there are 5). Each had a weapon. Goku was losing intil he used his Power Pole. He beat all the copies. The original ran to a cage telling Android #8 (the monster) to come out. Now Goku must face Ninja Murasaki and #8.

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