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Dragonball episode 051~Beware Of Robot

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Goku and Krillan begin their fight with the Piraten robot. General blue clocks of resounds. Goku and Krillan throw straight normal copies and impacts, if Krillan in the face keeps punched. Krillan clocks with Bulma, while Goku fights alone. Goku throws much headbutts at the pirate Robot' S-chin. The Piraten robot those of the entry threads rifle bullets out. Goku withdraws the straight to the higher ground (like Murasaki did) and to runs away. The Piraten robot slides on the water, in order to shoot Goku.

Goku however still reaches, the robot bang into walls in can' to form; T-profit. Krillan and Bulma find a machine, which shoots missiles out. They shoot at the Piraten robot, but it strikes Goku. The missile lets the cover fall on Goku witch forms the floor, which was he on break. The Piraten robot decided to hunt Bulma and Krillan and none of the other missiles struck it. While they ran, blue remained in resounded. The robot shoots rifle bullets, while they ascend the stairs. Bulma and Krillan find one resound and go into an area. Meanwhile Goku rises. Remains blue and one surprises. In the area it is a computer area. The Piraten robot finds it and thus does Goku (it the energy Poland uses to arrive at the window).

Goku uses its energy Poland to lower Krillan and Bulma. The robot is surprised. While they run away, the robot the stairs descended. If the Piraten robot receives down the stairs, Goku does an air strike and kills it. Krillan and Bulma, which behind door a blue runs was left, were after. Blue follows them and forms a falsified arrow, therefore Goku the wrong way goes. Goku runs there and makes the wrong idiom. Krillan and Bulma find that a well and they go inside. Blue follows and Goku continues, going the wrong way

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