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Dragonball episode 050~The Trap Is Sprung

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Goku, Bulma, and Krillin venture deeper into the cave, when they find a large hallway filled with holes. Krillin finds that when a hole on the floor is stepped on, an arrow will shoot out of a random hole on the walls. Goku decides to jump across, and Krillin barely makes it. As for Bulma, she is dragged over with the Powerpole screaming and crying. Meanwhile, General Red is having a portrait painted of himself. The painting turns out to potray him as a gigantic man and General Black as a shrimp. (The exact opposite of reality.) Black bends down to look at the painting, and General Red yells at him: "You're never supposed to bend down and talk to me!"

Back at the cave, Goku and the gang have eluded the trap successfully and General Blue leads his army onward. He motivates his men by giving them a long speech about the pride of the Red Ribbon army and whatnot and they charge ahead, leaving him dawdling behind. Disturbing screams and cries echo throughout the cave. General Blue grows even scared of Goku and can hardly bear to see what fate has befallen his men. He is horrified to see all his men who ran into the trap and got skewered, leaving him by himself. As he surveys the scene, he finds a secret passage to the side that bypasses the hallway of death.

Goku and Co. journey deeper into the cavern, nearly falling down a pit of lava but Goku's PowerPole saves them again. They finally come to a very large room which appears to be a docking bay of some sort, and a large submarine sitting in it. They wonder what kind of a place they have stumbled onto, when Goku senses something or someone is nearby -- but whatever it is it's not human.... General Blue comes out of a door on the other side and hatches a devious scheme - He'll wait for them to do all the dirty work, then steal the Dragon Ball from them and escape. The mystery monster reveals itself as a large skeleton-like robot, who begins to attack the three adventurers!

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