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Dragonball episode 032~The Flying Fortress - Vanished!

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The Red Ribbon Army now chase Pilaf. When they run into a fog, Silver can't see them. Silver gets out of the fog but still can't see Pilaf. He sees some light and goes into the clouds yet still cannot see him. Pilaf sneaks up on him and shoots missiles. The plane falls. Back at the village, Goku and Chichi beat some members and save the Ox King. Goku leaves. Pilaf put his ship in the sand in the desert. He catches some members and Goku. Goku destroys a robot. The Red Ribbon Army shoots the ship from out side. Goku makes it outside and hangs on to the ship. R.R.A. destroys the ship but Pilaf and his henchmen survive but are in the clutches of Colonel Silver. Having no other choice, Pilaf gives Silver the dragonball. Yet did Goku survive?

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