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Dragonball episode 036~Major Metallitron

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Episode catches with Goku coming in muscle essay, in hopes of rescue of Snow' on; S-dad. It pushes on protection of a pair coincidentally, the he' think; ll, but Goku is simple trashes it quite fast. Meanwhile general white and Ninja Murasaki watch out and become quite at Goku' surprised; S-energies. They speak of a Metallitron, which strike nobodys at all. Thus Goku rises to the 3rd stick and meets Metallitron. They fight large Metallitrons quite, therefore it can stamp on goku, but goku rapid avoiding easily around.

Then Metallica seizes goku and begins to crush it but goes out goku. They fight around and to times Goku of a pair thought, it with somewhat well set copies won and sometimes general white and Murasaki think that they won with attacks like a missile, which comes out from its mouth and stamps on goku. To the missile comes from Metallitron' out; S-mouth Goku realises that it must keep serious and a Kamehameha fires. It burns Metallitrons precedes away through, but it continues going to Goku. Metallitron manufactures its fist to expire to goku and then after more fighting goku away metallitrons other fist chops. Then it pushes some holes in metallitron, and finally stops metallitron to move. Then goku the stairs ascend to the 4th stick, in which it meets Ninja Murasaki.

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