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Dragonball episode 047~Kame House Found

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Goku and Bulma come to the Kame house and ask VorlagenRoshi for a submarine. He explains to them that, if Bulma gives it the psychiatrist jet then he gives the submarine. Bulma agrees and Roshi gives it somewhat to drink. Bulma precedes then to the bathroom, but on the other hand Roshi shrinks down and tries to receive a view with Bulma without luck! Sad Roshi, then Krillin and product introduction receive back from the market with the submarine and give it to Bulma and Goku. They insert it into a Dino cap and receive on nibus the cloud and the head for dragonball. Few know it the red volume army watch out. They think that Kame house is their hiding place, thus railways begin to precede for it! What happens the following mark on Dragonball????

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