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Dragonball episode 045~Danger in the Air

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Goku and the group reach " TraumLand" Entertainment park. Haski however followed them there. While Goku a secretary troubled over, which map is, Haski shows her theiving abilities, by stealing three maps of the spectators. Within the park Bulma rejects to belong everywhere to Yamucha. They come finally to a fortune storyteller, who is Haski in the lining, those on measured value Goku' exists; S-fortune. Since Yamucha is so weak around women, it' s simply, so that it cheats Goku into presenting the Dragonballs.

After something chaos within the tent, Bulma arrives, around Yamucha' to see; S-arms around Haski (as its material intention, which was to be taken Dragonballs back). Extremely pissed, Bulma Yamucha AND Haski strikes. Haski doesn' t give up and threaten to explosion the dream country with a bomb, which hid itself somewhere them in the park. It escapes and a high-speed sky pursuit steps between its radiation set and Goku' up; S-flies nimbus. She' s finally in embarrassment brought and into a wall destroys. Goku recovers the Dragonballs and decides to eat the cartridge in order to close it. After peace to the dream country is again manufactured, Goku and Bulma finally begin their journey for the remainder of the Dragonballs.

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