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Dragonball episode 040~Horrifying Buyon

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Goku and 8 fall into a room with nothing in it except skeletons! General White tells Goku to hand over the Dragon radar and the ball. Goku refuses and White closes the hatch in the ceiling. The wall opens up and we see a huge monster eating some food! Next shown is Snow in her bead finding a small animal under her bed and returning it to its parents. Goku tried to attack the monster, without luck, even after a Ka-me-me-ha-ha-attack is still not affected by attacks. Goku gets an idea and puched a hole in the wall and icy winds were now in. Goku is cold and goes into the 8-jacket for warmth. He says, only to wait a little while. Bunyon then gets very cold and ice is covered. Goku gets from 8 jacket and kicks Bunyon. If he says he starts to crack up Bunyon crumbled into a pile of ice! Goku then sprang back to White's word and made his powerpole extended so that Andriod 8, up witn him. When they do Goku tells him they better release the village chief or else.. What will happen next time on Dragonball???

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