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Dragonball episode 031~Wedding Plans?

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Goku continues chasing Pilaf. Back at the shop, Silver finds out that the dragonball is going away. Pilaf also finds out that the dragonball is going away. Yet he has one obstacle: Goku. Pilaf opens the window for him but falls out. Goku saves him so Shu and Mai repair the dragonball.

( Goku doesn't know it is a fake ). Goku drops it and it breaks.

Meanwhile, Chichi starts to miss Goku. She and the Ox King talk to an old lady who says that he is coming. Silver finds the bird but a pterodactyl eats it. The Ox King throws a rock at it for the wedding (Goku and Chichi ). Pilaf comes but every one thinks Goku is coming. Shu poses as Goku. Goku finds Chichi picking flowers and they both have fun. The Red Ribbon Army comes and destroys the Ox King's palace.

While everyone runs, Pilaf takes the dragonball out of the pteerdactyl's body. The Red Ribbon Army finds Pilaf and shoots him but he escapes in his ship. Goku and Chichi see the smoke and head toward the village.

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