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Dragonball episode 030~Pilaf and the Mystery Force

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Goku swims naked in a lake. A boy takes his clothes, his power pole, and his dragon radar. The boy runs to the city. Meanwhile, in Pilaf's air ship, Pilaf has bad dreams of Goku ruining his plans. He wakes up and has a mini fight with Shu. Mai comes in and says a dragonball is nearby.

Both the boy, Pilaf, and Mai go to the city. Goku gets out of the lake and sees that his things ar gone. He says "Power Pole extend" and the pole became big enough to see. The boy was so scared, he dropped everything except the dragon radar. He follows the boy to the city. He sells it. Goku catches him and he tells who he sold it to. Pilaf goes in the same shop. Goku finds the dragon radar and Pilaf byes a dragonball.

They meet and Goku finds out it is the 4 star dragonball. Goku chases Pilaf. The Red Ribbon Army comes and byes a dragonball. Since they find out it's a fake, they kill the manager. The shooting got a bird so scared, it flew away, holding the real dragonball in its feet.

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