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Dragonball episode 007~The Ox-King on Fire Mountain

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It is when Oolong, Bulma, and go to goku Fire mountain to search for the 6-star Dragon Ball. Bulma does not believe that the mountain is really Fire until they get there. Oolong is very scarted of the Ox-king, because he Eats people. Yamcha follows closely on the heels, while this is happening. when Goku's get in Nimbus flys through the flame to maintain the castle, Nimbus Goku is out of control and falls into a lake. While Bulma and are Oolong Waiting lists for him the Ox-King comes from behind and implementing parts of his axe on them and missing. Bulma and Oolong are fear and goku hear them and uses his powerpull to get back. goku faces of the Ox-King for a bit and does not Damage.

If the Ox-King, the power pole back in Gokus he relizes that he Gohan grandchildren. So the Ox-king asks for the Master Roshi goku For the Bancho fan, and that Chi-Chifor pick up the Dragon Ball, (former Yamch knocks it.) If goku leaves Yamcha and puar talking about it and plays yamcha a gag and told Chi-Chi, which he loves them. Chi Chi is shocked and when Yamcha he sees Goku coming retreats. If Goku Finds Chi-chi told her Hop on, and she grabs his tail, while Yamcha was looking, he found his Weakness. So Goku and Chi Chi head towards Master Roshi's and Yamcha and Puar wait. They call for a dolphin. Finally they arrive in Roshi's.

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