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Dragonball episode 015~Look our for Launch

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The episode begins with Goku and Krillin traveling on the Nimbus cloud to search for a girl for Master Roshi.

Meanwhile, in a western saloon, an innocent girl came in and sat down. A large cowboy was waiting for a woman by the name of Launch, a fearsome thief and robber. This sweet, innocent girl didn’t fit the bill, but then she sneezed. Her sneeze changed her into Launch. The large cowboy was surprised and went on his guard but was easily beaten.

She took out everyone in the saloon and left to the railway tracks. There, she derailed a train and stole some money from one of the train cars. She then quickly fled. The police chased her and they fired their bullets, but their aim was way off. Launch then threw a grenade destroying one of the cop cars. One police car, however, was still chasing her. Launch then prepared to shoot the police car but at that very moment, she sneezed. This turned her back into a sweet, innocent girl. The policemen then got out of their car and were about to put Launch under arrest.

Coincidentally Goku and Krillin had ventured to the desert in search for a girl for Master Roshi. Goku heard the innocent girl yelling for help and he told Nimbus to go follow her voice. They soon arrived and Goku was able to defeat the two policemen with ease. After the rescue, Goku and Krillin decided that she would be good for Master Roshi and the threesome headed back to the Kame House.
Upon arrival, Goku hurried Master Roshi out of the washroom to meet her. Roshi then went goo-goo after seeing Launch. Then the foolish master had a plan. He asked her to wear the Roshi training armour. Roshi told Goku and Krillin to do the same. Well, the uniforms were quite “revealing”. Roshi, however, got what was coming for him when Launch sneezed turning her into the uncontrollable warrior. She then fired her machine gun at Roshi, Krillin and Goku. Luckily for them, Launch sneezed again turning her back into her sweet, innocent form. Will Krillin, Goku and Roshi be able to stay alive with Launch’s weird mood swings? Find out on the next Dragonball.

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