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Dragonball episode 018~The Turtle Hermit Way

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The episode begins by showing other fighters from all over the world training for the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament.

Meanwhile, Krillin and Goku were tired from exhaustion after Roshi’s milk delivery training. Krillin was glad it was over, but Roshi told the boys that the milk delivery was only early morning training and that it was time for mid-morning training.

Roshi then told Goku and Krillin that their mid-morning training was to plow through the fields in this area but since this training was meant to strength the hand, it would have to be done bare-headed. The boys then began to plow through the dirt and a few hours later they completed it.

Next it was time for breakfast and Launch had cooked the boys a feast. Unfortunately, Krillin put a little too much pepper in her food and that made Launch sneeze into her violent self. She started to fire bullets at Goku, Krillin and Roshi. The threesome ran out of the Kame House. Roshi then thought it would be a good idea if they ate outside. After breakfast, the boys had to study until lunchtime. Roshi explained to them that a strong body is a waste without a smart mind.

After lunch, Roshi proposed that they take a nap for a few hours before they resume their training. The three of them then discussed the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament.

After napping, the boys were now going to do construction work. Construction work would help them with their muscle-and balance, and for them to earn some money on the side. Roshi told the boys that they didn’t have to use their hands to dig, but just no power tools. Goku and Krillin then shovelled, unloaded and wheelbarrowed for the next few hours.

Krillin then thought back about the time he was at the Magic Oorin temple and how the other trainees bullied him because he was short and weak. After remembering this, Krillin hit the pickax so hard that its top fell and landed right in front of the frightened head construction worker.

After the construction work, Roshi told them it was time for swimming. Goku and Krillin, however, wanted to learn martial arts. Roshi told the boys that he would teach them martial arts when they move a large boulder. He then pointed to a large boulder. Krillin told Roshi that it was impossible to move a boulder of that Roshi responded to Krillin by moving the boulder. Goku then tried to move a boulder of a similar and was successful! Roshi then told Goku that he had pointed at the wrong boulder and so Roshi showed Goku and Krillin an extremely large boulder. He told them when they were able to move that boulder they would get martial arts training from him.

Roshi then instructed Goku and Krillin to do 10 laps of swimming in the lake. However, swimming in this lake was no cakewalk as sharks patrolled the lake, and the boys swam for their lives as the sharks chased them.

After thar rigorous training, their next training excerise required them to be tied up with rope to a tree. Roshi explained to the boys that sometimes one is cornered and must dodge the enemy. Goku asked what he and Krillin would be dodging from. Roshi then hit a beehive and hid behind a tree. The bees then began to give chase to Goku and Krillin. After that, both Goku and Krillin were bee stung from head to toe.

Roshi told the boys that their first day of training was over. Krillin then asked Roshi if the training tomorrow would be as tough as today. Roshi responded to Krillin saying that it would be more difficult, as now the boys would be wearing 50 lb. turtle shells on their backs, while they did the training. With the aid of Master Roshi’s training, will Goku and Krillin be tough enough for the World Martial Arts Tournament.

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