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Dragonball episode 008~The Kamehameha Wave

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It starts with Goku (Son Goku) are listed Mutent Roshi or the turtle Elder. He and Chi-Chi reach the island and ask for a special fan called banjo fan Then the turtle Mutent Roshi recalls that he threw it away. Mutent Roshi then told that he can turn off the fire in Mount frying pan homself. Goku goes back to Spread the Word to his friends. Later Mutent Roshi, and prepares for his Kamehameha to Bulma have agreed to take a walk with him in his island. Mutent Roshi then shows signs of strength ambitious and has its powerful blast furnaces Kamehameha After Seing Goku expires this and try to do the Kamehameha. He makes the Kamehameha and succeed in blowing up the car, Yamcha that gave them before. If Bulma comes back with the Dragon Ball, found her car in ruins. Then Mutent Roshi offers giv Goku lessons. Goku accepted and the Ox King gives them a car (Hoover Craft). Mutent Roshi recalls Bulma then on the foot. Ask Bulma Oolong to transform them and take them with Mutent Roshi think that Bulma like it because Oolongs lie.

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