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Dragonball episode 002~The Emperor's Quest

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Goku and Bulma set up camp for the night and Bulma spends some time explaining how some things work such as electricity, TV and bathrooms. Over time, all this is over Goku is very hungry, so he leaves to get something to eat.
Now is the emperor, Pilaf, the Dragon Balls as well as Goku and Bulma, but for evil. He sends his servant and Shao May into the valley of the dinosaurs in search of the Dragon Balls. Goku error their plane for a bird and Shao May and laugh at his stupidity, but after Goku takes a few wolves and Shao May, fear and Goku destroyed their plane in his anger.
The next morning Goku is to destroy rocks when he comes on a turtle that speaks for him. The turtle, he says separately from the other turtles and asks whether Bulma Goku and will him back to the sea. Goku and Bulma agree.

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