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Dragonball episode 012~A Wish to the Eternal Dragon

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The episode starts with the eternal dragon waiting for a wish. But Pilaf is too nerves to make his wish to be ruler of the earth. Oolong runs and leaps over Pilaf and wishes for underwear.While Goku is using his Kamehameha wave to brake through the wall. Finally braking threw. Hey, what do you know, Oolong just saved the world, by getting his underwear. The dragonballs turn to stone, and scatter all around the world, but not to be found for another year. So Goku and Yamcha are all pissed. Shoa calls out the dogs to attack the group. With Yamcha and Goku fighting the dogs, Shoa and Mai jump down and threaten Bulma.

So they end up in another prison. This time it's three solid feet of steel, so they have no luck getting out. Pilaf plans to fry them in the morning with the sun. It's a full moon out, and Goku tells them that a terrible monster [Goku as Oozaru] comes out on a full moon, and one trampled over his Grandpa. Goku not knowing he can turn Oozaru, [a giant ape] he looks at the moon. And thus turns Oozaru. Breaking them out of their prison. And ends the episode.

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