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Dragonball episode 014~Goku's Rival

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Goku is flying on Nimbus and he stops by his house to get his covers and clothes...
then he flies off on Nimbus again and heads to Master Roshi's House. He gets there walks in the door while master Roshi is watching his arobics hotties, then Goku tries to get his attention and finally yells, "MASTER ROOOOOSHII" right in his ear. He gets his attention and master Roshi says he is doing his morning exercise and goku says he is hungry, Master Roshi says the fridge is the kitchen. Since Goku is not familliar with certain stuff he wonders why he would put it in a box that fells like winter...

He then eats all he food and Roshi gets done watching exercises so he goes to see what goku was doing... He then saw that goku ate all the food then he explains to goku the only way he will train him is if he brought a beautiful girl to him. Goku brings back first a big weightlifting big-mamma woman then he brings Roshi a mermaid Roshi liked her but he ruined it... Then another boy shows up , Krillin and he gives master Roshi some porn
magazines. Then the 2 boys get raedy to fly off on Nimbus but Krillin isn't pure of
heart he had more nude magazines he gives them all to master roshi... Then they go off to find master Roshi the girl they need to get trained by him...

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