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Dragonball episode 004~Oolong The Terrible

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The episode starts with Bulma riding her motorcycle & Goku riding the Flying Nimbus.When Goku makes fun of Bulma's speed of her motorcycle she loses control and crashes.The 5 star Dragonball falls out & when Goku asks why it's glowing she says the 6 star Dragonball must be close-by!Goku says let's go check the nearby town.When they get there it's deserted.They walk into a dome house & someone hits Goku on the head with an ax!Since he had a strong head he only got a red bump.The person said sorry because he thought Goku was Oolong.He asked who Oolong was & they replied a shape-shifting monster who took away pretty little girls.An old woman showed them a 6 ball when they asked if they had seen one.

She said she'd give it to them if they could get rid of Oolong.Bulma dressed Goku as a girl to fool Oolong.When Oolong got there he turned into a bull when he realized Goku was a boy.He had to run out of there when his time-limit was up.He turned out to be the pig!After he could transform again he changed into a robot.When Goku scared him,he turned into a bat & flew away but Oolong didn't expect the Nimbus Cloud.He then changed into a rocket but Nimbus kept up with him.When he changed into a pig,Goku caught him & brought him to the village where he tied him up.They made him bring him to the girls.Goku said if he turned into a bug he would squash him.When everyone got there they found out the girls were spoiled brats,but brought them home anyway.The old woman thanks them & gives them her 6 star ball as she said she would.

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