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Dragonball episode 027~Number One Under The Moon

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Well it turns out that the attack Jackie Chun was going to do was some hypnotism thing. He repeatedly told Goku that he was getting very sleepy very sleepy. Goku fell asleep. Master Roshi ( I mean Jackie Chun) acted all confident and stated that no matter how much you yelled or screamed Goku would not get up. Finally Bulma had an idea. "Goku dinner time" she yelled. Goku got up asked where the dinner was. Chun was amazed. Then he used some attack called the "lightning strike" and said that the only other time he had to use it was against Goku's grandfather Gohan. Only about Goku so, it was about to give up, he looked at the moon and into a monkey. Jackie Chun did not want anyone to get hurt, so he used his Kamehameha attack on the Humongous max and blasted a hole in the fight against Goku ring has disappeared. If he is dead I hope not.

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