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Dragonball episode 003~The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi

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Bulma and Goku continue their way to the sea to drop off Turtle, but they suddenly come across a huge Bear. Asking for the turtle and not Bulma and Goku, Bulma tries to give up Turtle to the monster. Goku refuses to do, and the struggles of the Bear. After a few seconds, Goku lands a hard blow in The Bear's Forehead and ended it with ease. Goku, Bulma, and Turtle finally make it to the beach, and Goku is Turtle in the ocean. Turtle says that he has a gift Goku to give, and told them to wait at the beach.

Back at Pilaf’s, the Emperor himself learns that a dragonball is in the posession of an old hermit named Roshi on a secluded island. He sends Mai and Shao to collect the Dragonball, but comes with them for supervision. Back at the beach, Turtle finally returns with an old man on his back. The man introduces himself as Roshi, the Turtle hermit. As a gift for finding Turtle, Roshi gives Goku a magic carpet, but realizes it is in for dry cleaning. Roshi instead gives Goku a special flying cloud, known as the Nimbus cloud. Roshi explains that only those who are pure of heart can ride it. Roshi tries to get on, but falls right through. Goku, on the other hand, fits perfectly, and starts flying all over the place. Pilaf, Shao, and Mai finally land on Roshi’s island. Pilaf tries knocking and impersonating a mailman, but realizes no one is home. Pilaf tries to use a universal key to open the door to Roshi’s house, but Mai and Shao show Pilaf a window that has already been opened. Back at the beach, Bulma asks for a gift from Roshi.

Although only Goku Turtle says saved him. Roshi Bulma decides to give a gift. Bulma regard to the dragonball Roshi's Necklace, and invites him to do so. Roshi tried something in return, but in the end in vain. Do not know, it's powers, Roshi there Bulma, and goes back home with Turtle. Goku and Bulma continue on their quest, now with another dragonball the collection. Meanwhile Pilaf and his henchmen are still unable to find the Dragonball after tearing apart Roshi's house. Roshi arrives, and if he asks, what's up, Pilaf tells him to hand over the dragonball. After some thought, Roshi realized that he Bulma. Pilaf, Shao, May and head off to find her, and ask Roshi to push their plane back into the water. Roshi doing this, but not before poking a hole in it!

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