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Dragonball episode 001~Secret of the DragonBall

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A young boy named Goku who posses great power and an even greater appetite, is raised by an elderly man, his ‘grandfather’, until he dies, but leaves a valuable possesion with him, a Crystal Ball. Goku goes out fishing and gets a large fish. Meanwhile, a young teenage girl named Bulma is travelling through the woods and accidentally hits the boy with her car. Thinking it is a monster, Goku tries to fight it, but the girl tells him it is only a car. Bulma explains to Goku different things about the world that he should know at this age. When she follows him home, she is surprised to see a crystal ball with him. Trying to take it, Goku stops her, but she explains to the boy that they are Dragonballs. Each has a certain number of stars on it, and there are seven scattered around the world. Bulma has two, and Goku has one. She explains that once all 7 are found, they can unleash a magical dragon that grants whomever posesses it a wish. They can be in the hands of good or evil. Bulma asks Goku to come on an adventure with her to find the 7 Dragonballs, and Goku agrees. Soon, though, the two encounter trouble when a Pterodactyl captures Bulma for food! Using his magic pole, Goku easily beats the monster and saves Bulma!

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