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Dragonball episode 006~Keep an eye on the Dragon Balls

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The episode starts out with Oolong, Goku, and Bulma in a double decker bus. This is explained later by the camper coming from a Dyno-Cap that Oolong had in an earlier episode. (When Oolong was about to give it to Yamcha.) When Bulma complains that she needs to take a shower, Oolong leads her up to the bathroom and they have a short argument. Then, later, Pilaf’s henchmen were going to plant a bomb on the bus Goku and the others were in. But Shao gets the bomb stuck to his hand, and they run off when they spot Yamcha coming to steal their stuff.

When Yamcha gets to the bus he overhears Goku and Oolong’s conversation about the Dragonballs and decides to steal them. He then walks over to a window and decides that’s the room he’s going to break into. He looks up and he sees Bulma in the shower, freaks out and runs off. Then when Bulma is done with her shower, Oolong gives her and Goku some drinks with a sleeping potion in it. They are knocked out by it and Oolong plans to steal the Dragonballs.

Oolong then goes into the room where Bulma asleep, and Yamcha and Puar simultaneously pause in the bus. Puar turns into Goku to Oolong trick. If Oolong spots "Goku" he transforms into Bulma. Then Puar Oolong and go outside and "Goku" turns back into Puar. Then "Bulma" revolves back in Oolong. Both running back to the bus for various reasons. Yamcha goes to the room where Bulma asleep. Bulma is fully covered with them under the ceiling. Yamcha away and it looks from them and freaks again.

The next day Pilaf’s henchmen finally get the bomb onto the bus. Then when Goku and the others drive off, Yamcha attacks and Blows up half the bus. Then Goku and Yamcha fight and Goku kicks Yamcha in the mout and knocks out a tooth. Yamcha freaks out and runs away, complaining he definitely wont be able to get a date. Then Goku and the others decide to walk. (The bus was destroyed.) Then Pilaf’s henchmen get to the bus, see it destroyed and think their bomb went off. When they are inside, their bomb actually does blow up. Then when Goku and the others are walking, Yamcha drives up and gives them a car with a tracking device so he can follow them. Ten Goku, Oolong, and Bulma drive off into the sunset.

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