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Dragonball episode 005~Yamcha, The Desert Bandit

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Oolong joins the quest. At the beginning of this episode, Bulma Oolong is a yellow pill. If Oolong is, they go into the desert Oolong changes in a fish. Bulma bring some cash into a fishing pole, and they catch Oolong. He runs away again, however.

Bulma calls Piggy of the words over and over. The pill Oolong she made him have to go to the bathroom. The team finds out that all the dinocaps missing, they must walk. When they are in the middle of the desert is a sleeping Bulma and Yamcha. We find that Yamcha's partner, Puar white, Oolong and seeks revenge. A struggle is between Goku and Yamcha. Goku knocking his teeth and Yamch on wines never be able to select a date. Bulma wakes up and sees Yamcha and immediately falls in love with him. Yamcha, the shy girl to run away. In his house, he says Puar on his fear of women.

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