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Dragonball episode 021~Smells Like Trouble

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After defeating their opponents in the Elimination Round, Goku, & Krillin advance into the 1st Round. Nothing major really happens in this episode, but, the 1st fight commences (Walkthrough Below).

Krillin VS. Bacterium

Bacterium is a large, tall, stupid, &, well... repulsively smelly guy. Bacterium stuns him with one of his bodily scents, stunning Krillin into, literal, paralysis. Then, Bacterium sticks his foot into Krillin's face, making it furtherly unpleasant. Everyone watches in suspense. Bacterium proceeds to roll Krillin back & forth, with his right foot. Just then, Goku, holding his nose, tells Krillin that he's just imagining the scents, & that's what's keeping him from attacking. Using this
bit of knowledge to his advantage, Krillin quickly recovers. Then, Bacterium hawks up some spit, & unleashes his finisher.. " The Loogey Of Death. "

However, Krillin dodges the smelly glob of spit, & snot, & kicks Bacterium in the chest, downing him, to his back. Then, Krillin leaps directly onto Bacterium's chest, drops his pants, & farts right in the guy's face ( Big Laugh from me ( !!! ) ), making Bacterium give up.

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