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Dragonball episode 019~The Tournament Begins

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In this episode in Dragonball 8 months had passed and the world's martial arts tournament begins. It shows Bulma sitting on top of Oolong as Puar and Bulma look at Yamcha who is in the martial arts tournament. Then the announcer states this is the qualifying round where you got 1 minute to fight or you win by throwing your opponent over the ring. First Goku and Krillin got their numbers and then met Yamcha. Yamcha had a lower number and will fight in the second set while goku and krillin will be in the third, Yamcha said he was happy since he wanted to fight Goku with all he's got. After some matches Goku made many upsets the same with Krillin. Krillin then had to fight some of the kids who beat him up back when he was small and that a member from the group was to fight Krillin. Krillin gave it his all and took him out of the whole building where the thing was taking place. At the end Goku and Krillin had made it to the Martial Arts tournament along with Yamcha.

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