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Dragonball episode 043~A Trip to the City

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Goku spends the night at Snow' s-Haus. In the morning it was in the process, to the west city going (where Bulma lives), Bulma its radar to thus repair can. After he explained to an old man over the nimbus (kept it destroyed by Silver), he says, to demand him. He came! After he had said its good byes to the village leader, snow and their family, Eighter and the village people, he left. Meanwhile at red volume army headquarters, was annoyed red that dragonballs so fast left. Goku formed it to the city and left the nimbus. Then he did something research. It went on the road and the people kept annoyed. He asked around for Bulma, but nobody could do her. A driving cab driver said to receive money.

Over the road a person fought. Who struck it at all, zeni 1,000 one received. Goku of fights. Goku steps it in the stomach, in the eyes and in a wall. Seeing, what he could do, it gives up. A person wishes then his money, therefore it gets it to a lane. Goku hits, which does a Headbutt. The other one gives up and asks it to go to police officer. He asks a lady and her shows police officers. Goku goes to it and gives to the lady that whole money! The officer finds, whom Bulma on its minicomputer is. It gives a free trip to Goku. Their house is very large and it is the daughter president of Capsule of the Corp

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