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Dragonball episode 052~The Pirate Treasure

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Bulma and Krillan continue swimming. Blue follows them. Goku continues running into the wrong direction. The cave closed inside on Goku however to go held. He found a blocking door and fell by her. It fell on springily with springs a thing, which was a Krake! Meanwhile form blue, Bulma and Krillan them to the surface (won' remained blue in such a way in the water it; t seen). There were three treasure boxes. But, when they came there, the statue became actually eingeschalten! The Krake tried to strike Goku with its Tentakeln but none struck him. The Krake seized it and was said it in the term to eat it. The statue threw blade everywhere. Bulma hid itself. Krillan received from the ground and struck the other blade with it. Out its face came out and preceded for Krillan! The Krake made Goku soft.

Goku received a large rock and threw it at its thinking lip that it was its mouth. it destroyed it. The Krake showed Goku its mouth. It was essfertig. Krillan knocked the blade away. The statue was from blade. Krillan examined the middle box. A Piratenattrappe came out and shot rifle bullets. Goku reached to do an attack more: the Kamehameha wave. It killed the Krake and it was roasted. Goku was decided verhungernd and to eat it. The blind ran out out of rifle bullets. Bulma preceded for another box. It had a key in it. They saw a keyhole in the statue. They set it inside and for gold came out. Blue then the water comes out, in order to receive the gold (it of Bulma one frightened) from. Krillan decided to fight it. While Goku ate, he heard noises receive from Krillan to injured. It went into the water arriving at it. Blue gezersto├čenes Krillan and struck it into walls. Krillan reached, to throw steps inside the face.

Blue there it cried to pain its " beautiful" Face. It was, therefore annoyed, he did in such a way a sharp gloss to Krillan won' t is to move able. Blue struck it into walls. Rock kept blue, in order to kill Krillan! To some interruptions Goku came. There the fight imwar term to begin, shook the area. Become Goku defeat blue, before the walls close inside.

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