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Dragonball episode 059~The Notorious Mercenary

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While general red speaks with the unpopular Tao, general blue decreases/goes back to the Red volume army Armies. General red is over Blue' furiously; s-new losses, but permit to live it, if blue Tao in the fight can defeat. Meanwhile on Korin, Goku learns over the essay of Bora and the increasing increase of the strength at the top side. Blue Tao fights, but its completion movement useless and Tao profit is easy even. After learning over Goku and the Drache balls, Tao stated to Korin. Goku expresses longing, in order to climb the essay, briefly before Tao arrives. Bora fights it, but Tao kills him merciless. Annoyed, Goku jumps in fight.

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