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Dragonball episode 089~Moon Vengeance

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This episode begins to fight with Jackie Chun (VorlagenRoshi) and the man straight wolf approximately. Before man wolf on, catches to speak with Jackie over, how it ruined its life because of, which it did 3 years. Jackie can' t remember and it with man wolf for the time straight to speak disturbed and walk from side of the ring, to man wolf ready are to be fought. While Jackie goes to the lateral man, the wolf him attacks, but evades to Jackie it and steps. After a little from fighting man wolf explains Jackie, how it destroyed the moon, while fighting Gokou and because of whose it in its wolf form is firm.

Jackie apologizes, but man wolf attacks. Jackie jumps over it and steps it in the back of the head. Jackie acts such as man wolf is a dog and gives it simple instructions and man wolf obeyed. It asks it to give it its paw and sit. Jackie wins the fight, by throwing a dog bone from the ring and man wolf jumps out, in order to receive him. At the end episode of the man lets run the wolf and attacks Jackie, but it uses an immobilizing technology and designates down Krillin. It Hypnotizes man wolf to concentrate around itself on Krillins head and its head manufacturing, appear you as full moon. It functions and man wolf turns back into a man again. That' s the end of the episode.

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