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Dragonball episode 068~The Last Dragonball

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As the gang rushes to aid Goku in his assault against the Red Ribbon Army, Goku seems to really need it at this point. As the newly risen Commander Black (Commander Red's lackey) and Goku go head to head, the remaining members of the Red Ribbon Army run for their lives and completely desert the base. Using his Battle Jacket (a gigantic robot that can be controlled from within), Commander Black seems to get the upper hand, that is, until Goku remembers all the innocent people and friends that got hurt at the hands of the merciless Red Ribbon Army. Goku's incredible strength proves to be too much for Commander Black and attempts to escape. Goku wont let him get away this time as he grabs a flag pole, leans back and launches himself towards the Commander. Goku breaks through the the Battle Jacket and destroys it. The infamous Red Ribbon Army has failed and Goku has recovered 2 more Dragon Balls giving him a total of 6. He is only one ball away from reviving Upa's father but how can he find it with his broken radar? Find out, next time on........ Dragon Ball!

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