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Dragonball episode 103~Tambourine Attacks

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Goku catches up with the killer. The killer is a demon named Tambourine and gladly tells Goku about how he kills Krillin for the dragonball and lists of the martial arts society. Tambourine beats up Goku by blasting a jet flying to the Nimbus caused Goku fall into the forest. Tambourine, the CRUD from Goku and goes back to King Piccolo think he is dead. Meanwhile, back in the martial arts tournament to decide the gang back to Kami island with Krillin's corpse. Tambourine gets back to King Piccolo. Piccolo tells Tambourine to post the martial arts society pictures on the wall. Piccolo commands Tambourine to go and kill the entire martial arts society to make sure no one can use the evil containment wave and trap King Piccolo in the electric jar again. Tambourine goes and kills King Chapa and Pamfoot.

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